fall shoreline with a maple tree in yellow and the mountains in the background in lake tahoe

Fall Activities in Lake Tahoe

October 23, 2023
Picture this: you're pedaling through crisp fall air, the mild chill biting your nose while the sun warms your back. To one side of you, you see a vast expanse of pristine blue water. On the other, bright fall leaves mix with evergreen needles. You enjoy the view, knowing that a mug of hot apple [...]
someone mountain biking an advanced trail in lake tahoe

Advanced Bike Trails in Lake Tahoe: Our Favorites

September 14, 2023
You’re dreaming of heading downhill fast - and we’re here to help! Lake Tahoe mountain biking is known to be great for all levels, but seasoned mountain bikers can feel particularly at home on our more advanced trails. It’s not hard to find intense climbs, long trails, thrilling switchbacks and technical routes just a short [...]
sandy beach with tahoe mountains in the background

Guide to South Lake Tahoe by Bike

August 23, 2023
How to Make the Most of Your Tahoe Trip When life gets a little overwhelming, it's time to start planning your escape. No, we don't mean changing your name and moving abroad - we mean a trip to Lake Tahoe. This trip may not solve all of life's problems, but it can put them on [...]
a couple sitting around a campfire outside of their camper which is situated on the shore of lake tahoe amongst the trees

An Ultimate Weekend Escape to Lake Tahoe

July 19, 2023
A Complete Lake Tahoe Itinerary Tahoe is calling - even if you only have a weekend for the trip, it's well worth the effort! Whether you're looking for a romantic weekend with your partner, a fun family getaway or a girl's trip, you will find something unique to do. For this Lake Tahoe itinerary, we [...]
a woman mountain biking in lake tahoe on one of the 7 beginner friendly bike trails in lake tahoe

7 Beginner-Friendly Bike Trails in Lake Tahoe

June 7, 2023
When you think of Lake Tahoe, you probably picture swims, boating adventures and lounges by the shore. But there is so much more to Lake Tahoe than meets the eye!  Biking in Tahoe is one of the more popular outdoor activities, thanks to the stunning views and wide array of trails. While seasoned mountain biking [...]
family paddle boarding and kayaking in lake tahoe

Top 10 Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Lake Tahoe

May 16, 2023
There's nothing quite like a family summer vacation! Work is left at the office, and kids are out of school, so the only thing you need to think about is how to best bond with your family as you relax.  Lucky for you, there are many family-friendly summer activities in Lake Tahoe to discover. Lake [...]